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HeiyRC Universal Drone Strobe Light
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Code: CSG048

Compatible with all drones.


  • Product name: LED Strobe Light

  • Model: DST-01

  • Lamp beads: 2*4W

  • Battery capacity: 300mAh

  • Charging voltage: 5V/1A

  • Charging interface: USB-C

  • Endurance time:6-12h

  • Fully charging time:1.5h

  • Weight:0.35oz(10.2g)

  • Size:1.29*0.86inch(3.3*2.2cm)

Charging indicator

  • Red light :charging,

  • Green light :fully charged.

The battery indicator (Blue light)

  • Steady light, 70-100% remaining power(high power level),

  • Slow flashing: 40-70% remaining power(medium power level),

  • Fast flashing: 1-40% remaining power,(low power level,need to recharge).

Power on and off: long press the power button for 2 seconds.

Switch the light mode: click the power button for one time.

1. White constant bright, 2. White fast flash,

3. Red fast flash,             4. Green fast flash,

5. White slow flash,         6. Red slow flash,

7. Green slow flash ,       8. Red and white fast flash,

9. Green and white fast flash, 10. Red and green fast flash.


  1. The strobe light is not waterproof, please do not use it in rainy or humid environment,

  2. Please use a 5V power supply to charge the flash. After the charging is completed (the green light is on), please stop charging in time,

  3. When not in use for a long time, please keep battery in medium power level , and fully charge the battery every three months,then discharging battery to the medium power level again.

  4. Please do not pierce the battery with sharp objects to avoid dangerous.

  5. When installing on a drone, do not block the drone sensor to avoid affecting the normal operation of the drone, and make sure that the strobe light is firmly installed before flying,

  6. When the power is exhausted, it will enter the anti-overdischarge mode, and it can be turned on again after recharging.

  7. Please do not stare at the LED lights, so as not to hurt your eyes.A+_01.jpgA+_03.jpgA+_02.jpgA+_04.jpgA+_05.jpg

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